City Winery Chicago – February 12th


Geoff Tate – The Whole Story Acoustic Tour

February 12th : City Winery Chicago

7:00 P.M

Multi-platinum selling, GRAMMY®-nominated singer/songwriter Geoff Tate will embark on a worldwide tour highlighting songs from all 17 albums he has done throughout his 35 year career.
Geoff is regarded as one of the most skilled vocalists in the rock genre with hundreds of modern, popular artists citing him as a major influence.
Geoff Tate will present his upcoming all acoustic show with himself, backed by a 7-piece acoustic band of musicians from the United States and Ireland and will feature three guitar players, mandolin, cello, saxophone, violin and multiple percussion instruments to produce a high energy acoustic version of some of the heavy metal genres most recognized songs.
Hailing from New York, Voices of Extreme is a powerful hard rock ensemble that appeals to fans of dynamic, harmonic metal and melodic rock. All of the members have extensive experience in the industry and are now supporting their upcoming E.P. this summer. Recently, the band has reformed as a 3 piece with Don Chaffin (formerly of Red Lamb and Ram Jam) taking on lead guitar and vocals, Steven G. Knight on Bass and John Cappadona on drums. The new single and official music video for the song “Give me your love” will be released on Tuesday November 22nd in support of their upcoming E.P. release slated for spring of 2017. Tour dates for the band are currently in the works for early 2017.


The band’s line-up:
Don Chaffin: Vocals, Guitar,
Steven G. Knight: Bass
Bobby Marks – Drums


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